The LID -- Hydraulic Flip Tarp

  • One-touch operation
  • Compliments existing trailer hydraulics - no external power needed!
  • High-strength hinges and frame ensure your load stays covered
  • perfect for trash transfer and refuse containment trailers!

The LID From Aero Keeps You Moving

Aero's high-quality engineering has once again produced an easy-to-use and durable product that allows you to complete your job more quickly and easily. The LID's powerful, one-touch motor allows you to cover your load with a high-strength tarp and frame that requires no climbing. The LID's hydraulics easily integrate into your existing trailer hydraulics, which means no additional electrical connections are necessary. The heavy-duty upper assembly fits compactly between a sleek and stylish polished aluminum wind deflector. The LID is part of Aero's complete line of refuse containment systems.

The LID's Features and Benefits

One-Touch Hydraulic Motor
Our system has very few moving mechanical and hydraulic parts, which means higher reliability. The motor integrates into your trailer's existing hydraulics, which eliminates the need to hook up an additional power supply. Operation couldn't be simpler. To open The LID, move the control lever up. To close it, move the lever down. The LID goes from open to close in just seconds, with no climbing and minimal effort.

High Strength Frame
Our frame is designed specifically to resist flexing and twisting while in use, which greatly reduces breakage and fatigue on the unit. The design also includes as few bolts and welds as possible, which increase strength and greatly reduce installation time.

Customized Hinges
The LID's hinges can be installed in various locations that are totally customized to your trailer, and are side-mounted, which reduces the chance that they can be damaged. They are also equipped with grease "Zert" fittings to allow you to lubricate the hinges when you see fit.

Sleek Wind Deflector
The entire upper assembly compacts down behind a sleek and stylish polished aluminum wind deflector.

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