T-5 Trash Transfer Trailers

Save Time And Secure Your Load Safely And Easily With Aero's
T-5 Tarping System provided by Truckhugger Tarps.
  • Cover trash transfer trailers quickly, easily, and securely
  • Provide ground-level operation for convenience and driver safety
  • Eliminates climbing
  • Provides maximum safety
  • Secures loads quickly and easily

The T-5 system's crank is easy to operate. The handle folds out of
the way when not in use.

Front position- pulls down to secure tarp in the open position and
lies flush to clear overhead obstacles.

Safety cable ties provide extra security.

T-5 Features & Benefits

  • Unique cable design: The T-5's strong mesh tarp slides easily
  • along high-strength steel aircraft cables. The cables are
  • positioned to allow the tarp to seal tightly against the
  • trailer's top rail
  • Ground-level operation: No more dangerous climbing on high
  • trailers to secure your load! The T-5 system is operated from
  • ground level, making it both faster and safer than other
  • tarping options
  • Easy Cranking: The T-5 system's crank is easy to operate, with
  • multiple handle positions for user comfort and convenience. When
  • not in use, the handle can be turned toward the trailer. To save
  • even more time and effort, a powerful electric motorized version
  • is also available
  • Cable Ties For Extra Security: Safety cable ties fasten quickly
  • and help keep the tarp and cable from rising above the trailer
  • in windy conditions
  • Specially Designed Bow For Heaped Loads: The T-5 system's bow
  • was created especially to move up and over heaped loads. Its
  • unique, double-action springs allow the bow to seal against
  • the front and rear of the trailer
  • Easy Installation: Pre-assembled parts make for fast and easy installation
  • Clear Loading: When fully open, a 45-foot T-5 tarp occupies only about 20
  • inches at the front of the trailer, giving you nearly the entire length
  • of the trailer for loading

T-5 Specifications

  • Tarp: Super-strength woven poly mesh fabric with high-strength vinyl
  • reinforcements to reduce tearing and cutting
  • Cable: High-strength steel aircraft cable
  • Bow Mechanism: Weight-saving, durable, high-strength aluminum alloy
  • Sheaves: Custom deep-groove steel
  • Other components: Enamel-painted steel

e-mail: rcarroll@truckhugger.com
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