An innovative tarping system that turns your flatbed into a fully covered van and back again in a matter of seconds...

The Conestoga XP gives you the versatility of a flatbed and the security of a van trailer at the same time. It's ideal for whatever you're hauling: steel, aluminum, machinery, and other weather-sensitive cargo.
  • Available in Straight, Flatbed and Drop Deck or Custom Models
  • Weatherproof, watertight, load security
  • Adds convenience and versatility

A Breakthrough In Tarping Systems For The Next Century

Have you ever wished you had the versatility of a flatbed and the security of a van trailer at the same time? With the Conestoga 2000 from Truckhugger Tarps, now you can!

The Conestoga can add convenience, versatility, and productivity to your trailer.
  • Custom-engineered to fit your trailer specs
  • Designed for security, smooth operation, increased productivity
  • Designed with operator safety in mind featurung a unique locking
  • system that is entirely ground operated, with-out difficult to manage
  • straps or rachets.
  • Adds convenience and versatility

Uplift Bows

  • Maximize loading height
  • Keep tarp from contacting load
  • Optional triple uplift bows provide even greater clearance

Bulkheads (Standard DuraLite)

  • Lightweight, durable aluminum construction
  • Built-in aerodynamic design
  • Available with optional access door
  • Many designs and options available

Wheel And Track System

  • Pressed bearing steel wheels
  • Stainless steel insert
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum track
  • Built-in bump rail

Rear Ends (click for more information)

  • Variety of styles available to fit the way you work
  • Sturdy swinging doors
  • Simple pull curtain
  • Convenient roll curtain


  • All tarps are 22 oz. single piece with white skylights

Other Models (click for more information)

Available Tarp Colors
  • White
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Blue
NOTE: Colors are for reference only. To acquire an accurate
color swatch please contact

Truckhugger Tarps at (800) 423-3042.
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