Wireless Connect

  • Designed to fit most new and existing tarping systems
  • Better motor performance - reduced voltage drop enhances motor efficiency
  • Added safety - contacts are installed on the truck frame and dump body/trailer,
    so the system can't operate when the dump is in the air

Wireless Connect Makes Electric Tarp Systems Safer and Easier to Install.
Aero's tarping systems have always been the fastest and easiest way to cover your load securely. Now we've developed a way to make electric tarp systems safer and easier to install. Aero's New Wireless Connect eliminates the need to run wires from the motor to the dump/trailer rear pivot point and back to the power source. In addition, use of the Wireless Connect will ensure the motor operates at its optimal efficiency.

You save valuable installation time, improve motor performance, and add safety with the Wireless Connect.

Covered by one or more of the following US patents: 6,786,735.
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